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"FOOLIE"- Family

“I need Jesus I need Peace of Mind,

     Hennessy helps me sleep at night

 In my dreams I see when I die

So don’t ask me how I’m doing ‘cause I’m dead inside

 Where I’ve been? I don’t know man

 I’ve been wandering, I’m a Nomad

 I’ve been searching for my purpose and I’m learning that God’s working,

I just can’t find what my worth’s in (AHH)

Pour up some lean ‘cause I’ve been falling (man)

 Give me more Jesus, I lost my calling (yah

I’m battling with my mind X3 (yah)

 Down on my knees I’ve been crawling (yah)

 Jehovah-Jireh, I aint falling (yah)

I’m battling with my mind, I’m battling with my mind,

God please won’t you give me a sign (Yah)”

Aklesso – Baker Act

Being a Foolie is more than a cool nickname. It’s a family that joins people together who feel like they have no family. It’s a home where judgment and hate have no residence. Foolie is a family, and when you are Foolie Clothed you are wrapped in love. Drop hate and choose love, choose Foolie.