Dead God (Cover Art).jpg

Dead god

Foolie brought into the world May 5th, 2017, Aklesso takes his fellow foolies on a journey against the gods that plague his life. Listen intently and enjoy the prelude of greatness that is to come.

Dark Days Cover.jpg

dark days of martin and coretta

Foolie brought into the world January 24th, 2015, "Dark Days"celebrates 8 years of daddy issues. In Aklesso's first ever mixtape Aklesso parallels his life to the late Martin Luther King Jr. Aklesso paints a vivid picture of his upbringing and how God foolie made a way for him to find grace throughout the turmoil. In his first mixtape he addresses the issues he has faced with being abandoned by his father, his vices, and even the death of his best friend Darius Dixon.

This mixtape is available for free download below. Listen and see how far Aklesso Duh Foolie Mon has progressed, and anticipate his continued growth as he continues to produce greater content.